5 Signs Of A Bad Air Duct Vent

5 Signs Of A Bad Air Duct Vent

As another season passes that means that your air duct builds another season worth of dust, dirt and particles. This is completely normal, however, if left unattended then it becomes a huge problem. If you haven’t had an air duct cleaning service maintain your air vent then that’s okay. We’ll be going over the 5 signs of a bad air duct vent to know if your home is affected.

Dryer Isn’t Functioning

One of the 5 signs of a bad air duct vent is that your dryer isn’t working properly. If it’s taking too long to dry then that means your dryer vent is clogged up. The dryer vent works by collecting all the lint, dust and other materials from the clothes and home then pass it through the vent. Over time this can get clogged up if left unattended. When this happens then unplug the dryer vent and see if it’s clogged. If it is clogged then maybe consider a dry vent service to help. If the dryer vent isn’t clogged then it could stem from deeper within the dryer vent or it could be the dryer itself that’s malfunctioning.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures

If your home is experiencing inconsistent room temperatures then that could be a sign of a bad air duct. The air duct is responsible for collecting particles and equally distributing heat throughout the home. If a vent is clogged or is installed incorrectly then that would be the root of the problem. Make sure that your home’s air vents aren’t installed with small air ducts. If there’s any strange noise coming from the air vent at any part of the home then that’s a sure sign of it.

Air Duct Is Leaking

If your air duct vent is leaking then that is one of the 5 signs of a bad air duct vent. Leaking is never good for your home. Leaking can cause major damages to the home’s ventilation system and cause house mold & mildew. If you see any sign of these dangerous bacterias growing then that’s a sign of a leak somewhere inside the home. Leaks and mold can be costly to repair. Be sure to keep on the lookout for any weird discolorations throughout the home’s ventilation system. This can be done by looking at the roof inside the home or following the passage of the home’s ventilation system.

Your Home Gets Dusty Quick

If your home gets dusty quick then that means that there’s built-up lint, dirt and dust in the air duct vent. It’s best to check the air duct vent for anything that’s stuck inside. Also, be aware of any bug or insect infestations that make its way into the home. These intruders can lay eggs and thrive inside the home’s air ducts. Making your air duct vent home and putting you and your family at risk of these pests.

High Energy Bill

The last warning sign of the 5 signs of a bad air duct vent is a high energy bill. These high energy bills can come from your dryer not functioning properly because of a clogged-up dryer vent. A dirty air vent can also cause your A/C unit to work harder to equally distribute heat and cold air throughout the home. Make sure that every room is equally the same in temperature. If not, then something is preventing the air vent from functioning correctly. Be sure to call an air duct cleaning service or replace the air filter. A dirty air filter can also stop your air vent from working properly.