Basic Home Safety Tips

Basic Home Safety Tips

Your home is your sanctuary to unwind from life’s stress. This is why it’s important to protect your home at all costs. Fires and other factors can leave you and your family in ruin. We’ll be breaking down basic home safety tips to protect your home.

Importance Of Home Safety

Many homes are destroyed by fires and flash floods every year. Protecting your home is important to prevent being displaced. Without a home then your way of living is in danger and stress factors may increase. Dryer vent fires are a real thing that can happen. This happens when lint and dirty materials are trapped inside the home’s dryer vent. These materials are extremely flammable and can spread a small fire to the rest of the home.

When protecting your home be sure to do a few things. First, purchase a fire extinguisher to be prepared if a small fire happens. Second, check on smoke & carbon detectors inside the home. Lastly, childproof all the electrical outlets within the home to protect young kids.

Check Smoke & Carbon Detectors

The first tip in basic home safety tips is to check on the smoke & carbon detectors. A smoke detector alerts everyone inside the home about smoke. Usually, smoke detectors go off because a small amount of food starts to burn. However, make sure they are functioning correctly in case a real fire happens.

Second, make sure that the carbon detectors are working properly. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are extremely dangerous gases that cannot be seen or smelled. When the gas levels rise then someone may faint because of the lack of oxygen. A high amount of carbon gases may lead to a fatality. If you don’t have smoke & carbon detectors then purchase them and install them throughout the home.

Test Wall Outlets

The second tip in basic home safety tips is to test wall outlets. Malfunctioning wall outlets can cause electrical fires. A bad wall outlet will short circuit and produce a spark of electricity. This spark may cause an electrical fire that spreads throughout the home. One way to test a wall outlet safely is to use a voltage detector. Any malfunctioning wall outlets need to be replaced immediately.

For anyone with young children then it’s best to childproof all the wall outlets. Childproofing a house requires placing a protective electrical cover over all the wall outlets. By adding a protective barrier then it prevents any children from potentially sticking their fingers inside. Also, an air duct cleaning service can also help with maintaining the air quality of the home.

Have A Fire Extinguisher

The last tip in basic home safety tips is to purchase a fire extinguisher. Every home needs to have a fire extinguisher. Place the fire extinguisher somewhere that’s easily accessible. If a fire were to happen then you’ll have a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Be sure to have a furnace cleaning to prevent flammable materials from causing a fire. In some cases, putting water may cause the fire to spread quickly. For example, placing water on burning cooking oil can make the fire spread rapidly.

However, a fire extinguisher uses chemicals to safely put out the fire. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher that doesn’t have a short expiration date. Some fire extinguishers have a lifespan so it’s best to have one that lasts for a very long time.