What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

What Is Air Duct Cleaning

Get ready for Fall! However, more than likely another season’s worth of dust & dirt has built up in your air duct. Never neglect a quarterly air duct service. However, what is air duct cleaning? We’ll be breaking down what that is and how it helps your home.

Basics Of Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct service is when an air duct cleaning company comes in and cleans out your home’s vents. It works by unclogging the air vents, sanitizing them and checking out the quality of the air filter. Each of these parts is absolutely necessary for a full air duct cleaning. Each room within the home will get the full service. That way each air vent is up to date to ensure perfect air quality. Having the best air quality within the home will help anyone that has allergies. It also prevents fire hazards from taking place and spreading. Lastly, an air duct service can also lower the energy consumption of the home.

Air Duct Sanitation

Air duct cleaning comes with air duct sanitation. This helps limit the spread of germs and bacteria within the home. A clean air duct flow can also help families that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember, the air duct vent is like the home’s lungs. Any air goes through it and is spread throughout the home. First, the air vent is unscrewed to expose the air ducts. Then, a machine is inserted to blow out any dirt, lint and grime stuck. Next, chemicals are used to kill any bacteria to ensure a disinfected air duct. These are all questions that can answer what is air duct cleaning?

Prevents Fire Hazards

Trapped up lint, dirt and dust within a home’s air duct vent is dangerous. These particles are extremely flammable and can spread a fire quickly within a home. For homes that are exposed to high temperatures then it traps the heat inside the home. This is why it’s important to get a regular residential air duct cleaning service. Trapped-up heat can make the air conditioning run multiple times throughout the day. During the summer months, then this can be very costly.

Also, trapped up lint in the air vent can prevent your dryer from functioning correctly. The dryer won’t get enough passage to blow out the lint coming from the dryer. So, it will need more time to dry, which will add to your energy usage.

Air Filter Maintenance

What is air duct cleaning? Well, it includes air filter maintenance. The home’s air filter is what captures any loose dirt, dust and grime coming from within the house. The air filter traps it and prevents it from spreading. Over time, the air filter will naturally get dirty. So, that’s why an air filter replacement is necessary during an air duct service. With a clean air filter, it’s been shown to improve the air quality. That’s really important for anyone suffering from allergies or who has pets within their home. Pet hair is a contributor to dirty air vents.