Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Fall In Las Vegas

Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Fall In Las Vegas

As the season changes to Fall in Las Vegas then another season’s worth of dust, dirt and grime build up in your home’s air duct system. This shouldn’t sound any alarms for your home, but you should still keep an eye on it. We’ll be breaking down air duct cleaning tips for Fall in Las Vegas.

Why Air Duct Maintenance Is Important?

Air duct cleaning in Las Vegas is important because it’s considered the lungs of the house. Whatever you breathe in every day filters its way through the air duct. For anyone with pets then all of the fur coat strands will make their way inside as well. These particles will stick onto dirt and dust that will clog up the air duct vents eventually. This is a recipe for disaster for anyone with allergies. A clogged up air vent is also a major fire hazard. These particles are extremely flammable that will spread the fire around your home. Overall, keep all of these things in mind when cleaning your air duct for Fall in Las Vegas.

Clean The Dryer Vents

The first tip in air duct cleaning tips for Fall in Las Vegas is to clean the dryer vents. It works by trapping any lint, dirt and dust that comes from your dryer machine. The best way to do this is to unplug the dryer vent tube attached to the lint trap. Then, put a leaf blower inside and let it blow out all the particles. Be sure to attach a trash bag to the other end of the lint trap so that it doesn’t create a messy environment. Any dirt or lint will get inside the trash bag and won’t dirty its surroundings.

A functioning dryer vent will prevent excessive drying cycles. These extra drying cycles will be wasted energy and will increase your energy bill.

Check The Air Filter

The next tip in air duct cleaning tips for Fall in Las Vegas is to check the air filter. Every home is equipped with an air filter. The location of the air filter varies from home to home. However, it’s important to find it to constantly check on it. Air filter replacement in Las Vegas should be done after every season. This will improve the overall air quality inside the home. It can also help anyone that suffers from allergies as well.

The air filter works as the master filtering system for your home’s air ducts. Any particles will get trapped when running through it. So, after a month or so then it will naturally get dirtier. This is why it’s important to regularly check on it and replace it when needed.

Repair Broken Parts

When getting ready for Fall in Las Vegas then repair any broken parts in your air duct system. Having any broken pieces can cause leaks in the system. Water leakage is not good for your home because it can cause mold & mildew buildup. This buildup has negative impacts on your health. Broken pieces can also be easier for insects and bugs to make their way inside. Once these pests make your air duct system their home then it’s extremely difficult to get rid of them.