5 DIY Vent Cleaning Tips

5 DIY Vent Cleaning Tips

With spring and summer coming to an end then it may be a good time to clean your air vents. Although cleaning your air system can be expensive there are other alternatives to do it on your own. Unified Airduct will be breaking down 5 DIY vent cleaning tips for a cleaner home.

Why Your Air Vents Should Be Cleaned

Cleaning your air vents at least twice a year is essential for dirt and dust-free home. Your home’s air vents are responsible for filtering out dust, lint, and dirt that come from outside and the inside of your home. A home’s dryer can speed up the collection of dirt and lint inside an air vent. For anyone with pets then pet hair can also contribute to clogging up a dryer vent.

This is why maintaining a clear air vent system will also lead to better air quality and keep the house cool. Not to mention that a clogged air vent system is an extreme fire hazard since it harbors flammable materials.

Turn Off The Heating & A/C System

The first step in 5 DIY vent cleaning tips is to first turn off the heating & A/C system. By turning it off first it will ensure that the air vent system isn’t active while you’re working on it. In fact, working with the air vent system while it’s active is extremely dangerous. You’ll be sticking cleaning materials inside to break down any trapped up dirt, lint and dust. Track down your home’s thermostat in order to completely shut it off. Most homes in Las Vegas have their thermostat in the living room or in the main hallway.

Break Down Dirt & Dust With A Scrub Brush

Now that you’ve turned off the air conditioner system then it’s time to get dirty by digging into the air vents. It’s best to use long scrub brushes or purchase an air vent scrub brush for this task. First, take off the screws from the air vent. Then, stick the scrub brush inside the vent and start scrubbing away. Start off by scrubbing the air vent walls first as that will likely be the dirtiest. Make sure to wear a mask to prevent you from breathing in any dirty air particles. Exposure to any of these materials can cause sickness and other respiratory illnesses. This is why cleaning your air vent is important to limit these kinds of exposures.

Clean Everything Up With A Vacuum

The next tip in 5 DIY vent cleaning tips is to use a vacuum to suck up the dirt and dust particles. Although using a regular vacuum can work it isn’t optimal for this type of cleaning. It’s best to use an industrial vacuum cleaner to pick up and trap dirt particles stuck from the air vent. After you’ve completed one air vent then continue with the rest of the air vents throughout the house. Remember to use a facemask because you don’t want to breathe in any dirty air particles.

Use A Leaf Blower For Vents

This is as DIY as it gets to clean your air vent! Sticking a leaf blower inside the dryer vent will forcefully push out any lint and dust trapped inside the dryer vent. First, disconnect your dryer so that it isn’t connected to the power. Then, disconnect the dryer vent tube that’s connected to the dryer. Only leave on the side that’s connected to the wall and not the dryer. After that, stick the leaf blower inside and blow away! It’s best to use duct tape or a towel to wrap around the leaf blower to prevent any blowback caused by the leaf blower. Not having a clogged air vent can also save you money!

Wash Your Floor & Air Vent Covers

Most air vent covers are actually dishwasher safe. You can throw in your air vent cover plates in the dishwasher as long as the paint isn’t chipped or old. The heat from the dishwasher can damage the air vent plate and make the paint chip.

If you still need help then consider hiring a professional air duct cleaning service.