How to Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Every summer we all run into the same issue of Las Vegas being so hot! With temperatures rising outside, keeping our home cool is essential to living comfortably this summer. Fortunately there are a variety of simple and easy ways to help keep your home cooler this summer. Use these tips from Unified Air Duct Cleaning to help keep your home cool all summer long.

Blinds and Drapes

Unwanted heat mainly enters the house through windows and investing in shades, curtains or drapes can help lower indoor temperature vastly. Close your blinds from late morning to early evening and invest in breathable curtains like cotton, sheers, jute screens or bamboo shades. Dark synthetic drapes aren’t advisable in summer. Instead, choose lighter colors like pastels and other white shades that are made of light and reflective material.

Air Circulation

Keeping your windows open when they aren’t covered by the blinds is another easy way to keep your home cool. Heat rises so if you have a two story home you can create a natural cooling effect by opening the windows on your bottom floor helping to keep the air flowing. Plus it helps bring in the sights and sounds of summer which after being cooped up for so long inside isn’t the worst idea!


While it’s a bit more labor intensive, the long term effects are sure to help improve your quality of life. Planting shrubs and bushes on the sunny side of your house helps to reduce the amount of heat actually getting to your home. This can also produce shade for you later in the day allowing you to relax under a tree avoiding the summer heat

Clean Air Ducts

Finally the main way to keep your home cool is of course A/C! But you want to make sure that your air conditioning is working as effectively and efficiently as it possibly can. Changing filters and having your air duct systems cleaned thoroughly by professionals is essential to ensure your A/C is working properly. Lint and dust can cause your A/C system to run efficiently.

Unified Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas

Unified Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas is a leading provider of air duct cleaning services that keep your A/C unit running cool all summer long. By providing you with air duct cleanings, replacing air filters, cleaning dryer vents, and more we are able to keep your home’s HVAC units running like new well into the summer.