How To Save Money This Summer

How to Save Money This Summer

As the temperature rises this summer, you can almost guarantee that your energy bills will too. That’s almost inevitable. Luckily there are things that you do around the house this summer to help reduce some of the energy waste around your home. This will keep your bills lower and help save money this summer. Use these helpful tips from Unified Air Duct in Las Vegas.

Take Control of Your Air Conditioning Usage

The summer heat can be absolutely unbearable at times especially here in Las Vegas! But is there a way for you to spend less money while staying cool? One way to do this is timing when you have your air conditioning running. Having your A/C running at all hours of the day can start to run your electricity bill up rather quickly. Try turning it off whenever you aren’t home or at night when it isn’t quite as necessary. It never hurts to get a solid cross-breeze going by opening several windows and getting the air in your home circulating a bit more. Proper maintenance of your air conditioning system is another way to help you save money this summer. Change the filters on your air conditioning and you can see an improvement in the efficiency of your air conditioning system thus saving you even more money in the long run. Filters are cheap so replace them frequently.

Conduct A Home Energy Audit

If your home isn’t brand new, then chances are it’s leaking energy somewhere. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year with a home energy audit, which is a process where a professional comes in and examines your home for potential energy leaks going on in your home. After helping to uncover the energy leaks, they make suggestions for improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Outdoor Time

Utilize the longer evenings that summer provides and try to spend more time outdoors! Time you’re spending outside is time that you don’t need all of the electronics in your house running which will help you to save on your energy bill!

Unified Air Duct Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning

One of the biggest reasons that your energy bills are expensive has to do with your air conditioning and your entire HVAC system working inefficiently. Oftentimes, our HVAC units run inefficiently causing us to use twice the power that we normally would just to have the same level of cool air circulating through your home. One reason for this is because of dirty air ducts and air filters. You can cut back on energy waste around your home by having your air duct systems cleaned out and your air filters replaced regularly. You can call Unified Air Duct Cleaning to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned. Contact us today to get started.