Las Vegas AC Cleaning – How to Stay Cool This Summer

Las Vegas AC Cleaning How to Stay Cool This Summer

Are you worried about finding ways to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank or your HVAC unit? Staying cool in Las Vegas is very important, especially when you consider that the temperatures can rise above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. So what can you do around your home to keep the temperature low this summer? Try these tips from Unified Air Duct that will help you keep your home cool all summer long.

Make Sure Your AC Unit Is Maintained To Factory Specs

Is your HVAC unit firing on all cylinders? That’s to say, is your air conditioning unit working as intended according to factory specifications? If not, you could be spending more money and wasting energy on keeping your home cool to an ineffective result! Be sure to have your HVAC unit tuned up to factory specifications in order to ensure that you can have an easy time keeping the air in your home cool.

Seal Vents and Cracks

Is your HVAC unit running, but not cooling certain rooms? You may have a leak somewhere in the AC vents or air ducts. When you schedule an air duct cleaning service, you can ask that they inspect for any cracks or leaks where air may be escaping and causing your HVAC to run inefficiently.

Have Your AC Vents Cleaned

Did you know that if your air ducts are obstructed by dust, dirt, dander, and lint it can cause your HVAC unit to run poorly? This means that you are wasting energy and money on your utility bills trying to stay cool this summer. So what can you do? Have your air ducts cleaned! Clean air vents will improve the air that you breathe and allow you to stay cool all summer long without blowing a fuse on your air conditioning unit.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

Did you know that your ceiling fans can be used to either heat or cool your home depending on the direction that they spin? We sure didn’t! At least now we do. There is a switch on most ceiling fan models that alternates the direction of airflow either pushing cool or warm air around the room. Be sure that your ceiling fan is spinning counterclockwise this summer.

Keep Doors Shut and Blinds Closed

Want to keep your home cool this summer? Keep hot UV rays out by keeping your outer facing doors closed and your window blinds shut. This will keep the warm sunlight out of your home keeping the air nice and cool.

Unified Air Duct Las Vegas AC Cleaning

At Unified Air Duct, we help keep your home clean and cool with high-quality Las Vegas AC cleaning services. By keeping your AC vents clean from dust, dander, and dirt that can make your HVAC units work extra hard this summer. If you’re ready to have your Las Vegas AC cleaning scheduled, call Unified Air Duct today!